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End User Rifle

Course Length: 8 hours

Course Description

End User Rifle is designed to provide students with foundational level material focusing on preparing students to employ their rifle for defensive or duty purposes.  This curriculum is based upon thousands of hours of refinement in both the law enforcement and civilian defensive training sectors.  Curriculum is appropriate for students with little to no formal firearms training or for those looking to refresh the fundamentals.  Students will be presented with the material and repetitions to feel confident in effectively deploying and using their rifle.  Students will also learn when and how to transition to their pistol.

Instructional material covered

  • Firearms safety
  • Defensive firearm implementation / mindset
  • Equipment selection
  • Basic manipulation tasks
  • Position building
  • Reloading techniques
  • Malfunction clearance techniques
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Skill building drills
  • Post engagement processes
  • Basic care and maintenance

Required equipment

  • Rifle with at least 3 magazines (Rifle must have a sling)
    • Rifle needs to be zeroed prior to the class
  • Handgun with at least 2 magazines
  • Holster and magazine pouches (At least one pistol pouch and one rifle pouch)
    • Holster must attach to the belt and provide sufficient retention to prevent the firearm from falling out during moderate physical activity. SERPA style holsters will not be permitted.
  • Eye protection
  • Electronic hearing protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
    • Pants, long sleeve shirts and hats are recommended
  • Close toed shoes
  • 500 rounds rifle ammunition (No green tip or armor piercing ammunition)
  • 200 rounds handgun ammunition
  • Cleaning / maintenance supplies

Course prerequisites



Apr 18 2020




Reno, NV
Reno, NV
Tim Braginton


Tim Braginton
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